Can I machine wash my 5:31 pieces?

All woven pieces should be hand washed and / or dry cleaned for desirable results.

For any fleece styles, we advise machine wash on cold on a light cycle. Then there is always the care label inside the garment for more in-depth support.

Why are there items with fray edges? Can I hem them?

Some items have fray hems for the unpolished look we desire for the brand. We like things to look new, but feel like you can live in them with ease. Feel free to hem the edge with a great tailor if you desire a different look.

I am worried about the hot pink label bleeding in my washing machine with other colors, what should I do?

We recommend taking them to the dry cleaners, or you can simply cut the tag out of the garments.

I've added the incorrect shipping address to the order, how do I fix it?

We're a very small company right now so simply email us at magic@531pm.com immediately to update your shipping address. We’re making magic around the clock, so packages go out quick! We'll do our best to help out ASAP. However, once the package is gone, there’s nothing we can do.  

How do I exchange the sizes?

All purchased items are exchangeable into different sizes or colors if the sizes or colors are available in our stock. We will waive shipping.

What is the currency you charge in?

We charge in USD, however, we do ship international. 

How do I know my size?

Our images on this site are all in size Large. The pieces are usually spec'd to a 6ft Male. We recommend taking a look at the size chart.


What should I do if I receive the wrong product?

If you received a product different from the one that you ordered, so sorry about that! Please contact us at magic@531pm.com and we’ll be sure to get you the products you ordered!