Quick Convo with : The Mr. Olympia 2020 Amateur

I started a journey on fitness in mid 2020 where my trainer and photographer of this conversation introduced me to this really awesome leader in fitness. I have to be honest, I didn't really understand the significance of it all until I started training harder. I want to.

Name : Karim Hawash
Birth sign : Gemini ♊️
Favorite color : Black
What do you do : IFBB pro men’s physique athlete / world champion wrestling 2x / occupation ; coach

Instagram : karim.hawash

As a kid did you always dream of going into fitness? If so, what do you think Inspired that and why?

Yes I did, my father was a wrestling champion and I loved challenges as kid.

I know you are constantly training, can you tell us what does your routine leading up to a competition look like? 

I follow my program from day to 1 day out 100% intensity and diet and cardio changes from phase to phase.

What is your mantra to get into zone?

My Mantra is to better my self from the person I was yesterday.

What would you tell your 9 year old self?

Remember hard work pays off. So work harder.

What inspires you now?

My daughter

Now that you are a Legend in your own right, do you feel pressured to keep it up?

I feel pressured to keep it up because that’s how I grew up, it’s part of my personality to keep working hard and keep pushing to get to the next level I believe there’s no limitations.

What is some that you want us to know that people may not expect from you?

I was once a professional wrestler and world champion and Olympian. I also have extensive knowledge in fitness besides than bodybuilding such as movements and functional training; wrestling; kettlebell; vipr; pain free performance.

What would be your spirit animal? Why?

Lion 🦁 because I always hunt for opportunities and open doors with God help ☝🏼

Tell us, what's next for you!!?

My next Goal is to be Mr. ⭕️Lympia and with God's help, I’ll make it one day ☝🏼


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